Membership to the International Diving Collectors Register of Italy implicates the insertion of each own profile in the pages dedicated to this website; it allows you to freely use the Consulting Service and of what else can be proposed.
Members freely participate in all the initiatives provided by the Diving Collectors Register in the technical-historical and social fields.
The member receive the "Silver" card, a poster and the Statute copy. We also have the option of the "Gold" card, to be able to access to other initiatives and activities which can be planned in a near future. The Gold card is issued, as default, to the 8 founder members listed in art. 6 of the Statute. All cards have a validity indicated in the card itself. The card issuance is subordinated to the duly payment of the required fee.


  1. Membership to the International Diving Collectors Register of Italy is reserved to collectors of items linked to diving, both in the “historical” period, that is dated up to 1980, to the "vintage" ones, with more than 25 years of age.

  2. Membership is mandatory to those people who cover directive positions or assignments, included the Heads of the Consulting Service and for those who intend to apply for such offices or positions. Consultants are exempted from this obligation.

  3. Membership form must contain all requested information.

  4. Membership involves the Statute complete acceptance. 

  5. The annual membership fee for 2020 for new members fee is € 30,00 for the "Silver" card, with validity until 31/12/2020. This fee must be paid by wire transfer to Banco di Sardegna bank for International Diving Collectors Register of Italy account, under the name of Mr. Francesco Luzzu, Register Treasurer, using the following IBAN = IT64D0101517200000070109189 - BIC SARDIT31XXX

  6. Membership form must be completed by attaching the requested pictures, to testify the equipment being part of your collection.

  7. By sending the membership form, the applicant declares that the information given is true and correct.

  8. By sending the membership form, the applicant authorizes us to the processing of all Personal Data collected through this website, in compliance with the provision of Art. 13 of the Regulation (EU) no. 679/2016 “General Data Protection Regulation” (“GDPR”).