We had to redo totally this website because of problems made by the previous programmer; this caused us to be inactive for several months. Finally, we are now on board and, we take the opportunity to introduce you several news such as, the free-of-charge registration to this website, separated from the affiliation to the International Diving Collectors Register of Italy. Details are in the “Registrations” menu. Besides, there are two new menus, “News” and “Events & Meetings”, dedicated to member communication and to publishing worldwide events from enthusiasts and collectors. We wish these are useful and pleased initiatives. Have a good 2020!


The International Diving Collectors Register of Italy was created on July 2017 and gradually has become that reality the promoters firmly pursued along the time. The wide international consensus and its innovative organization, which has been created free and open to everybody, on last fall brought to the election of the Board of Directors. This Board quickly developed the several organizational sections and the services for the associates, which are presented in these pages. At last, the Register is now a reality materializing the initial idea to build a “home” for the diving gear collectors from all around the world and a contact and reference point for all diving history lovers, for both hard hat and scuba diving branches.


The International Diving Collectors Register of Italy is based on its Statute which has been submitted to the voting and to the approval of the associates. The Register is managed by the Board of Directors. Specific associates responsible of the following activities: public relations Italy, international public relations, communications on the Web, treasury, consultancy service coordinator, Register’s website, have been selected by and are reporting to the Board of Directors. The consultancy service relies on an international team of highly qualified experts. This service is organized in four areas managed by dedicated teams, including at least two consultants each. Questions and Answers, duly summarized, are published in the Register’s website pages. The whole Register’s activities and initiatives are referred on the  website.