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Nation’s Attic Inc. is proud to announce the discovery of the earliest unaltered original United States Navy Mark V diving helmet known to exist! The helmet was sent to the Navy in August of 1916 for evaluation. After testing this specific helmet was then lost to history. The Mark V model would go on to be used by the US Navy and allied countries from 1916 until the mid-1980s. The helmets iconic design also made it famous in movies & advertising. In Feb. 2020, this historic piece of diving and US Navy history from August 24th, 1916 was discovered in rural Wisconsin. The helmet is being sold on July 18th, 2020 by Nation’s Attic Inc at auction. The helmet has the potential to break the world record sales price for an antique diving helmet, which is currently $62,390.
The July 18th auction also consists of 21 other antique & vintage diving helmets, related equipment, maritime memorabilia, and rare vintage scuba equipment. The helmets along with rare related equipment and memorabilia are being auctioned through and Preview & pre-bidding has begun with the live auction starting at 10 am Central Time (CST) July 18th.

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Come learn how to grow your business and inspire your audience and network with some of the brightest individuals in the diving industry. Leave the dealer conference with pages upon pages of actionable tactics that you can start implementing into your business the moment you get back home. This 2-day event is designed to help you build and execute Digital Marketing Strategies for your SCUBA business. We want to share with you the exact processes we used and the steps we took to build out successful campaigns that generated thousands of leads and new customers who couldn’t wait to be a part of the International Training culture. You will see first hand how to build a community around your company, how to engage with this community and get them to engage with you, how to best reach individual members within your community, and how to use your community as a means to further boost your business. Are you ready for you customers to become your advocates? If so, this is the conference for you!





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Martedì 11 Febbraio 2020 presso la sede dell'Associazione Subacquea Hydrasub di Perugia si è svolto un seminario sulla storia e sulle esperienze di Archeologia subacquea vissute dai subacquei perugini a partire dagli anni '70.