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The idea was born from the fact that there is no place for collectors of diving articles, artefacts and memorabilia to connect, nowhere, in Italy and throughout the world. 
This initiative is meant to create the Diving Collector Register, a reference where contact details and information for each member can be found. This is the initial idea, because an official register needs an organic structure which will be created in a second step, using an on-line voting system, reserved to the members already registered at the DIVING COLLECTORS REGISTER OF ITALY. Registration is free and open to all Italian and foreign collectors of historical articles, artefacts, modern objects. It is for individuals, museums or any other institution interested in both scuba or helmet diving.
The Collector’s Form will contain all public available data of each person.
The DIVING COLLECTORS REGISTER OF ITALY will initially be administered by the Organizing Committee and is accessible in its own website <www.divingcollectorsregister.org>.


  • The Organizing Committee is formed by creators of the register: CESARE SERRA, LUIGI FABBRI (official spokesperson), LUIGI ZAGATI, MAURIZIO BALDINUCCI. 
  • The committee will remain in office for 3 years, will work to increase the number of members as much as possible and will organize elections at the end of its 3-year mandate.
  • The Committee’s main task is to write simple organization & ethics rules for the future management of the Register, and what is needed to organize the elections
  • The Committee’s decisions are agreed by majority vote.
  • Members of the Organizing Committee exchange news and proposals by emails and when necessary, meet in video conference.
  • Members of the Organizing Committee will make an effort to advertise this initiative through the appropriate media channels they have available.